Where Good Girls Go to Die Read Online & PDF Download

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Looking for a steamy second chance romance? Check out ‘Where Good Girls Go to Die’ by Holly Renee. Read online and follow Olivia and Parker’s love story, filled with passion, heartbreak, and unanswered questions.

Where Good Girls Go to Die by Holly Renee is a contemporary romance novel that tells the story of Olivia and Parker, who have a complicated history as former lovers. Olivia was once a good girl who fell for her brother’s best friend, Parker, but he broke her heart and she ran away.

Where Good Girls Go to Die Read Online
Where Good Girls Go to Die Read Online

Now, four years later, they unexpectedly cross paths again, and their unresolved feelings for each other come rushing back. As they navigate their past mistakes and the undeniable chemistry between them, they must decide if they are willing to fight for their love or if Parker is truly where good girls go to die.

About the Author

Holly Renee is a contemporary romance author who lives in Tennessee with her husband and three fur-babies. She released her debut novel, Letting Go (The Garage Series, Book 1) in 2015, followed by Breaking Down (The Garage Series, Book 2) in 2016. Where Good Girls Go to Die (The Good Girls Series, Book 1) is her latest release, showcasing her passion for writing and storytelling.


Olivia: The protagonist of the story, who was once a good girl but changed after falling in love with Parker.

Parker: The bad boy and love interest of Olivia, who has tattoos and a crooked smile.

Other supporting characters: Olivia’s brother, Parker’s friends, and other secondary characters who add depth and complexity to the story.


“Where Good Girls Go to Die” by Holly Renee is a steamy second chance romance novel that follows the story of Olivia and Parker. Olivia has been in love with Parker, her brother’s best friend, for as long as she can remember, despite knowing that he’s the definition of unavailable. When she finally takes the risk and falls for him, he breaks her heart and she spirals out of control. Four years later, Olivia is no longer the good girl she once was and she runs into Parker, now a tattoo artist and still as unavailable as ever.

Despite knowing that he’s where good girls go to die, Olivia finds herself gravitating towards him. However, Parker doesn’t know why Olivia ran away from him years ago, and they both have unanswered questions. As they struggle with their past, they must decide whether they are willing to fight for their love and try again or accept that their time has passed.

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Where Good Girls Go to Die is a second chance romance that follows the journey of Olivia and Parker as they confront their past and present feelings for each other. Despite their history and the risks involved, their attraction is undeniable, and they find themselves drawn to each other once again. However, they must confront their past mistakes and navigate the challenges that come with a second chance at love.


As a self-proclaimed bookaholic and a firm believer in grand gestures and happily ever afters, I thoroughly enjoyed Where Good Girls Go to Die. From the very beginning, the chemistry between Olivia and Parker is palpable, and I found myself completely invested in their story. Holly Renee’s writing style is captivating, and I was hooked from the first page until the last.

The characters in this book are well-developed and multidimensional. Olivia is a relatable and strong protagonist who goes through a transformation from a good girl to a woman determined to protect her heart. Parker is the quintessential bad boy with a hidden tender side, and his internal struggles add depth to his character. The supporting characters also play significant roles, adding layers to the story and making it more engaging.

The plot is well-paced, with the right balance of steamy romance and emotional depth. The tension between Olivia and Parker is electric, and their journey is filled with ups and downs that kept me hooked. The writing is emotive, and the author does an excellent job of capturing the angst and longing between the characters.


Where Good Girls Go to Die is a captivating and addictive read that left me wanting more. The chemistry between Olivia and Parker is sizzling, and their emotional journey is heartwarming and at times heart-wrenching. The story is beautifully written, and the author’s passion for storytelling shines through. If you love second chance romances with bad boys and strong heroines, this book is a must-read.

I highly recommend it to all contemporary romance lovers and anyone who enjoys a steamy, emotional, and captivating love story.

Where Good Girls Go to Die Read Online & PDF Download

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