Wreck and Ruin Read Online by Emma Slate

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Among the many new books that got released this year, Wreck and ruin Emma slate read online is something every person needs to read and enjoy.

Wreck and Ruin Read Online
Wreck and Ruin Read Online

Wreck and Ruin Read Online Summary

The summary sets the scene nicely, but it doesn’t give us the full depth and breadth of what we’re about to come to appreciate. This is a standalone story in the Blue Angels series, the first of what I hope will be many stories, and it’s intense.

As we read above, we started at the Dive Bar, a place where Mia works. She’s being harassed by a customer when two incredibly handsome men walk in wearing motorcycle clothes and looking like trouble (in the best way). She runs to the bikers and asks one to pretend to be her boyfriend to get the other guy out of his hair. He kisses her and their worlds are changed forever. They don’t know it yet.

Mia is innocent in the sense that she has no idea what she kissed and what it means. However, her best friend Shelly is fully aware of the MCs and who the Blue Angels are and that she should stay away. It’s no problem for Mia because she’s not interested in anything right now.

Within the same 24 hours, Mia finds herself in the crosshairs of another MC, the Iron Horsemen and Dev, their president. he “does business” with Richie, Mia’s boss through the bar, and turns Mia on, also kisses her to make a claim and as far as we know this story is going to be a ROLLER COASTER.

The ride is fast and furious because there is something Dev wants and thinks Richie told him, and Mia is forced to go to the Blue Angels for protection.

My thoughts on Wreck and Ruin

We all anticipate how this tale will end. The resourceful, innocent girl has been sucked into a life of danger and will it work? who knows. Will you find love? we don’t know

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But what we do know is that since it’s in Waco and the Blue Angels, we know that Flynn/Barrett, Ramsey and some of the other SINS will show up since Waco and the MC were where Ramsey spent some time after their split. with his British daughter.

This story takes us on a journey of personal growth, to discover who you are for yourself, then with and for others who you are. Mia had a difficult life with her mother who died when she was young and her disappearance from the Grammys a few years before.

She never appeared in this story in a very unexpected way and it is about a woman who forms independently but is forced to depend on others due to circumstances beyond her control. Everything she thought she wanted for herself changes, and her idea of ​​family and the future is decisive.

At the same time, we see our protagonist, Colt, break down his walls. We learn from his sister Jonie that he has been locked up for years, they are also quite orphaned and it takes someone who can see past the outer shell, MC and hard edges to laugh. Mia has the potential to do that, but we see them struggle.

There are bittersweet moments as we get a bit of death in this unsurprising story, and we wonder if the long-term pointers to happiness, closure, and revenge will be necessary. (yet another theme we see quite a bit in Emma Slate’s books). Some of our favourites don’t make it to the end, and some give us hope for future episodes of the series, as the stories are always entertaining and juicy.

Wreck and Ruin Review

So, on that note, dive into this one, enjoy the steamy scenes and roller coaster ride of the underworld criminal underworld, and wait patiently with me for Book 2 to arrive in November. Enjoy!

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